Mahabharata, an epic from ancient India. It is the longest epic ever written in the world. This story is written in Sanskrit language.

It is an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes.  Mahabharata contains philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four “goals of life” . Among the principal works and stories in the Mahabharata are the Bhagavad Gita, the story of Damayanti, an abbreviated version of the Ramayana, and the Rishyasringa, often considered as works in their own right.

Bhagavad Gita is very awesome though. Although I can’t understand all, cause there are so many Hindhu terminology and sanskrit languages, but thanks to internet that I can read and comprehend it. I have to say it is a good philosophy book.

Mahabharata is the longest known epic poem and has been described as “the longest poem ever written”. Its longest version consists of over 100,000 shloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines (each shloka is a couplet), and long prose passages. About 1.8 million words in total, the Mahabharata is roughly ten times the length of the Iliad and the Odyssey

Traditionally, the authorship of the Mahabharata is attributed to Vyasa. There have been many attempts to unravel its historical growth and compositional layers. The oldest preserved parts of the text are thought to be not much older than around 400 BCE, though the origins of the epic probably fall between the 8th and 9th centuries BCE. The text probably reached its final form by the early Gupta period (c. 4th century CE). The title may be translated as “the great tale of the Bhārata dynasty”. According to the Mahabharata itself, the tale is extended from a shorter version of 24,000 verses called simply Bhārata.

I read Mahabharata comics when I was a child. Then watched the series on TV when I’m older. I watched both the BR Chopra and Starplus (aired in 2013-2014) versions. And they both are awesome in their own respective ways.

I don’t know if Mahabharata is a true story or it is just pure fiction. I just can say the author – Vyasa is a genius author, even by modern standard. The story is about the 4 generations of Kuru Princes. Actually  if you read the books and follow the story carefully,  you will wonder how old those peoples age ranges.

Recently some scholars carefully studied the text and came into conclusion that when the Mahabharata war occurred, Pandavas were around 90s and late 80s. While Grand Sire Beeshma (Bisma) was around 175 years old. Wait….was it for real? Did people live that long in that age? I don’t know the answer. What most ridiculous is the fact that Draupadi was around 30 years younger than Arjuna. Sigh…the most beautiful woman married a 60 years old man?  And imagine the scene of Draupadi in her 60s during Kurukshetra war.  And of course I can’t imagine Arjuna as a late 80s man led the war with his Gandiva bow. I always imagined the young handsome Arjuna on his chariot with Sri Khrisna as his charioteer though.

There are a lot of things that you can learn from Mahabharata story. This is a story about politics, about families relationship, friendship, marriages, teacher-student relationship, revenge, anger, anything!

I really recommend people to read this story though. Watching the series is fine, but it’s not 100% loyal. Besides, reading means that you are free to use your own imagination. You can imagine Arjuna as a brunette with hazel eyes if you want. And Draupadi as a hot blonde :D  Why not?







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