Saudi Arabian Study: 23% of Arab Children Have Been Raped; 46% of Arab Students Are Homosexual

Surprising yet scary news!

The Muslim Issue

Video translated from 2008. Clip originally aired on the Arabic-language satellite station ‘al-Hurra’, on the program ‘Misawa’. For additional information, see:…

Islam under the guise of Sharia law and the Quran endorses rape of women, and incest of infants and children. The effect of this is a massive number of sexual assault cases on women and children.

Over 23% of Muslim children in a University study claimed to have been raped (1/4 of the entire population). Over 46% of Muslim male students in Riyadh are homosexuals, and over 25% of Muslim male student in Jeddah are homosexuals. Homosexual relations are common due to restriction of association between genders.
The actual percentage of sexual assault on children and women, beyond this University study, is believed to be over 80%.

(In broader surveys sexual assault and incest of children in Islamic societies are much higher than in this study.)



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