Jianghu – Kangauw – Dunia Persilatan

The Jianghu – literally, “Rivers and Lakes” – is the parallel universe in which martial arts fiction is set. It is a universe that often intersects with our own: real historical figures sometimes appear in it, and it often incorporates real places and events. The sprawling casts of characters in martial-arts novels mirror the complications …

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Matcha Muffin / Green Tea Muffin

Resep muffin sederhana dengan rasa green tea. Bahan-bahan : 50 gr tepung maizena 1 sachet green tea --> https://www.tokopedia.com/hapliong/hap-liong-brew-green-tea-latte-isi-10-x-25-grams 100 gram gula pasir 200 ml susu cair 75 gr mentega tawar/ unsalted butter 160 gr keju cheddar - diparut 75 ml minyak sayur 1/2 sdt vanili bubuk 2 butir telur 80 gr gula pasir 150 gr tepung terigu serbaguna …

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Manfaat Kopi Untuk Selulit

Kopi mengandung kafein, yang ternyata bermanfaat untuk mengurangi penampakan selulit pada kulit. Ampas kopi....bukan kopi instan yah. Melainkan dari kopi bubuk yang telah diseduh dan tersisa ampasnya - digunakan sebagai scrub untuk mengurangi selulit. Caranya adalah sebagai berikut : ampas kopi secukupnya (dengan kata lain : makin besar area tubuh anda yang berselulit, makin banyak …

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Song of Tomorrow

明日复明日 (tomorrow again (another) tomorrow) míngrì fù míngrì 明日何其多 (there will be a lot of tomorrow) míngrì hé qí duō 我生待明日 (my life is waiting for tomorrow) wǒ shēng dài míngrì 万事成蹉跎 (and a lot of things are wasted) wàn shì chéng cuō tuó 世人苦被明日累 (people are worried of tomorrow) shìrén kǔ bèi míngrì lèi …

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Manfaat Minyak Kelapa Untuk Rambut

Minyak kelapa berasal dari sari buah kelapa, yang mempunyai banyak khasiat bagi manusia. Seperti untuk kesehatan dari ujung rambut hingga ujung kaki, serta kesehatan dalam tubuh. Dari berbagai macam khasiatnya, melakukan perawatan kesehatan dengan minyak kelapa merupakan jalur alternatif sekaligus jalur alami tanpa bahan kimia. Sehingga, dalam memanfaatkan minyak kelapa pada tubuh, tidak akan memberikan …

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5 Lesser Known Tales from the Mahabharata

Sharath Komarraju

The Mahabharata is often known as the fifth Veda. It has often been said that reading the Mahabharata from start to finish will fill the reader’s mind with such knowledge and enlightenment that he is sure to achieve heaven. Whether or not that is true, the epic is a virtual forest of stories, with new ones taking root every second. Here is a list of five stories that are not that often repeated.

1. Sage and Scribe


The Mahabharata is said to have been written down by Lord Ganesha, to the dictation of Vyasa. At the beginning of the exercise, Ganesha says to Vyasa, ‘Lord, I shall write for you on one condition; that you recite the verses at such a speed that my pen shall never stop.’ To that Vyasa said, ‘So be it, my lord. In that case my condition is that you shall only write down a…

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Al Qaeda manual urging targets against the West reveal pro-Palestine sentiments is a tool to recruit Jihadis for a worldwide Caliphate

The Muslim Issue

The media is aiding in the recruitment of terrorists by constantly seeking profits from distorted reporting of Palestine propaganda, where Hamas killed children to terrorist parents are paraded as victims to Israeli aggression, while the reality is that Israel observes enormous self-restraint in relentless terror attacks targeted against them.

The reporting and distortions, originating from Muslim propaganda and perpetual lying, has made the reason and history behind the entire conflict so confusing that even we didn’t know that the founder of the Palestinian invasion and occupation demanded a Caliphate from the British Mandate. The motivation for Egyptian and Saudi Barbarian Jihadis to invade the Mandate they under “kafir” governance was to re-awaken a Caliphate in the entire region. Had the Ottomans been there they would still have invaded the Mandate. Today Israel is used as fodder for those intentions. Letters between and the British government clearly mentions the word ‘caliphate’…

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Saudi Arabian Study: 23% of Arab Children Have Been Raped; 46% of Arab Students Are Homosexual

Surprising yet scary news!

The Muslim Issue

Video translated from 2008. Clip originally aired on the Arabic-language satellite station ‘al-Hurra’, on the program ‘Misawa’. For additional information, see:


Islam under the guise of Sharia law and the Quran endorses rape of women, and incest of infants and children. The effect of this is a massive number of sexual assault cases on women and children.

Over 23% of Muslim children in a University study claimed to have been raped (1/4 of the entire population). Over 46% of Muslim male students in Riyadh are homosexuals, and over 25% of Muslim male student in Jeddah are homosexuals. Homosexual relations are common due to restriction of association between genders.
The actual percentage of sexual assault on children and women, beyond this University study, is believed to be over 80%.

(In broader surveys sexual assault and incest of children in Islamic societies are much higher than in this study.)



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Ashes Of Time – Dialogues

Wong Kar Wai menulis sendiri cerita dan script The Ashes of Time. Bagi sebagian orang, film ini terasa aneh, dan terasa alur ceritanya terlalu lamban. Waktu pertama saya menonton film ini, saya tidak mengerti apa isi ceritanya. Tapi karena pemandangan yang indah, choreography yang sangat luar biasa, casting yang dipenuhi bintang-bintang top Hongkong pada jamannya, maka …

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